About the author

Cheryl R Cowtan

<p><span id="freeTextauthor7224566">Cheryl R Cowtan is an award-winning educator and fantasy author who loves to write on the wild side, digging deep into those unspoken secrets of society&#39;s seedier sins.<br /> <br /> If you love suspenseful, edgy fantasy that digs up the unspeakable, then Cowtan is the author for you. Her novels won&#39;t leave you morose, but they will make you think about a lot of things, things better left buried... forgotten.<br /> <br /> Did you know some people strip the flesh from Brownie bones and use them to tell the future? Did you know there are descendants of the Salem witches still practicing dark vengeance? Did you know...<br /> <br /> Well, maybe you should just go find out for yourself.<br /> <br /> <a href="http://www.cherylcowtan.com/" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"><font color="#0066cc">http://www.cherylcowtan.com</font></a><br /> <br /> Warning, though... once you start reading her books, you might not be able to stop.</span></p>