About the author

Marie Daley

<p>Marie started writing stories when she was a child in school and won an award in high school which ended up in the school anthology.&#160; It was the first time she was paid for her work.&#160; It was a science fiction story, of course.&#160;</p><p>Marie married young; to a guy she met in high school, who joined the Navy, so she learned how to manage a household &#8211; no matter where his orders took them.&#160; Kids followed, and a divorce, then she ended up as a working single mother with not as much time for writing.&#160; Then Ellen became her dearest friend, and while their kids played, she read what she had written to her aloud, to see what she thought.&#160; Ellen was enchanted and kept begging for more.&#160; So, Marie wrote more books for them both.&#160;</p><p>Marie's writing sat upon the computer and bookshelves for years, the stories constantly growing.&#160; Then finally, one day, she found the courage to hit the button and publish Tayna&#8217;s Dawn.&#160; She has not regretted that decision, for writing is her life!&#160; Marie loves giving from her heart to others and this comes out in her stories.</p>