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Tangina Ann

Tangi as Family and Close Friends call her worked as a CNA until&nbsp;her doctor told her&nbsp;because of the accident (s) she was in that she could no longer do that kind of work she's tried a number of differant proffessions but one she loved as much as she loves writing was owning her own Goat Ranch.&nbsp; She says it was hard work but it was as Educational as it was a rewarding.&nbsp; Raising everything from Ducks, Geese, chickens to Cows &amp; Goats.&nbsp; Learning to make goat cheese to hattching Chicks and Ducklings Etc.&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;As luck would have it&nbsp;8 years later things would take a turn to where she could no longer work her farm and while she was down and off of her feet she took her notes that she started some time ago and began to write her first and then her second book that was published by American Star Books .&nbsp; When that company went south 5 years later, she began self Publishing her own books and has since published 9 books.&nbsp; Some of the titles are No Where To Turn, The Rise of the Black Horse Rider The Search For Serenity, The Increase of Knowledge&nbsp;Then and Now and more.&nbsp;&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;<br>She has been on the cover of Focus on Women Magazine 3 times, Wrote and article and was interviewed by Terry Gilbert - Fellows CEO of Blackheath Dawn Magazine, Wrote a short Story For Windmills and Paperboats for Charity all proceeds go to Cancer Research. ( You can find that book on Amazon). She&nbsp;Wrote a chapter for Better Business Book Vol 4. &amp; Now her Newest Book I Promise I'll Never Stop has been published she's&nbsp;on to the Next One...If you want to see what Tangi is up to You can find her on Facebook.com/tanginaann1, Twitter, Ibobbinate.com, Linkedin, MEWE&nbsp;and a bunch more just search her name or visit her web page.....&nbsp;<br>Tangina Ann – Books, Photos And More (tangina-ann.com)<br>Keep your Eyes open for More Ebooks.&nbsp; &nbsp;We'll be adding some more Ebooks in the near future.<br>&nbsp;<br>&nbsp;Stay Safe Everybody&nbsp;....&nbsp;