About the author

Nigel Grundey

<p>Nigel Grundey was born in Warwickshire England, but brought up in Kent.</p><p>He first qualified as a Mechanical Engineer; however at age twenty-one, he joined H.M.Forces, serving in the Far East and West Germany as an Aircraft Engineer.</p><p>Unsure of what to do next, a stint in college followed, furthering his qualifications.&nbsp;</p><p>&quot;You do realise there&#39;s a war going on out there.&quot; is not the normal opening line&nbsp;of a job inerview,but it led to nearly thirty years service with the same company in the Middle East and the U.K.</p><p>Always a voracious reader, he didn&#39;t consider writing until retirement, and is delghted that many of his stories have now been published.</p><p>Never fans of cold weather, he and his wife now live in Southern Spain.</p>