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Patti Petrone Miller

<p></p><p>Patti is the Executive Producer/Creator/Developer of a series of books in active development for animation. This project has a full production team including a director from WB along with animators and voice actors from DC, WB, Marvel, popular Anime, Disney, PBS, STARZ, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, (the voice of Frylock) the iconic 70's TV show, Happy Days, the actor that voiced some of Woody in Toy Story, Geoffrey the Giraffe for the Toys R Us commercial, actors from shows such as Guardians of the Galaxy animated, Jimmy Neutron, Monster High, an actor who starred in OUTLANDER, and we also have a Broadway star on board. Singing our theme song is a iconic Jazz vocalist born and raised in Motown and heading up this show is our amazing Director, he knows who he is. We have the best of the best composers who composed for PBS Dinosaur Train, Disney films and more. We also have an animated studio on board, Lit agent, Brand agent, Talent Manager, Illustrators and a kick ass animation studio. You can take a peek at the link below. Patti also wears many hats including animal activist and lover, executive producer, screenwriter, teacher, author, marine biologist, mother, grandmother and witch. Yes you read that correctly. Patti is the former Ambassador for National Board on Books for Children, two of her books are in braille and in the Museum for the Blind in Ancona, Italy as well as in the school system in the entire Ancona, Italy region. She is the first Author in the history of the PBS KIDS GO CONTEST to judge.&#160; Nothing ever came easy, and the worst part was losing her son.</p><p></p><p>Patti has spent forty-seven years as a published author for children through adult and has seventy-five books in print. As an educator, she spent twenty-two years teaching special needs children on many aspects of the spectrum. Living through the spectrum in her everyday life through immediate family members on it, it came only natural to her and her co-creating half who is on the spectrum, to write a story. Back in 2009, "Elliot Finds a Home," was the first book written about a special dog and his boy with Autism. In 2014 it gained attention from Disney executives and two of the top executives in the industry and formed into an animated series for families about love, courage, compassion, awareness and kindness.</p>