About the author

P.I. Barrington

<p>After an extended detour through the entertainment industry, P.I. Barrington has returned to writing fiction. Among her experience are radio air talent and the music industry. She lives in Los Angeles.<br /> <br /> <br /> Her work includes:<br /> <br /> Future Imperfect Trilogy (Crucifying Angel, Miraculous Deception, Final Deceit)<br /> Inamorata Crossing/Borealis 1: A Space Opera<br /> Isadora DayStar<br /> The Button Hollow Chronicles: The Leaf Peeper Murders<br /> Free stories on ReadWave.com &amp; Wattpad.com<br /> <br /> She can be contacted via email:&nbsp;pibarrington@dslextreme.com&nbsp;or&nbsp;pibarrington@yahoo.com&nbsp;and welcomes readers to do so!<br /> <br /> Her blog:&nbsp;http://www.pibarrington.wordpress.com</p>