About the author

Laura Greenwood

<p>Laura is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal, fantasy, and urban fantasy romance (though she can occasionally be found writing contemporary romance). When she's not writing, she drinks a lot of tea, tries to resist French macarons, and works towards a diploma in Egyptology. She lives in the UK, where most of her books are set.<br><br>You can check out Laura's Website here:<br>www.authorlauragreenwood.co.uk<br><br>Join her mailing list here:<br>www.authorlauragreenwood.co.uk/p/mailing-list-sign-up.html<br><br>Or join her Facebook Group:<br>www.facebook.com/groups/theparanormalcouncil<br><br>For a full book list, please see here:<br>www.authorlauragreenwood.co.uk/p/book-list.html<br><br>For a full audio list, please see here:<br>www.authorlauragreenwood.co.uk/p/audio.html<br></p>