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JK Ensley

<p>JK Ensley is a native Tennessean by way of Missouri, born there and quickly ushered down South. A product of public school and private college, she spent her early twenties bouncing across the country. Fascinated by rich culture, ancient customs, and thick accents, she&rsquo;s compelled to drink in the many exquisite differences humanity is gifted with. A self-described, happily divorced mother of three with a black belt in snarkism and an &uuml;ber common minivan, she does little to hide her wicked wit, advanced sarcasm, and extreme shoe addiction. &ldquo;At the core of me, I&rsquo;m one slightly twisted, pink haired, sword wielding, invisible ninja with a laptop, an imagination, and very little <em>me </em>time. That&rsquo;s just who I am. I&rsquo;m comfortable in my skin and I love my life. Totally not kidding about the hair, the swords, or the laptop, but I might&rsquo;ve stretched it just a little with the invisible part.&rdquo;</p>