About the author

Ann Grech

<p>By day Ann Grech lives in the corporate world and can be found sitting behind a desk typing away at reports and papers or lecturing to a room full of students.&nbsp; With her quirky glasses and shiny leather briefcase, she has the librarian look nailed.&nbsp; All laced up tight in her pencil skirts and killer heels, her students can only fantasise about what she gets up to in her spare time.&nbsp; If only they could see those tattoos!&nbsp; Oh, and those notepads of story ideas tucked away in odd places that would be sure to have them fanning themselves!&nbsp;</p> <p>By night she&rsquo;s a wife and mum and a purveyor of saucy stories that are filled with lust, raunchy scenes and ultimately love.&nbsp; Ann&rsquo;s an avid reader of anything sexy and firmly believes in the motto &lsquo;leave mummy alone, she&rsquo;s reading or writing.&rsquo;&nbsp; Because of that, she is pretty hopeless when it comes to getting dinner on the table on time or cleaning the house.</p> <p>She also publishes her raunchier short stories under her pen name, Olive Hiscock.</p> <p>Ann loves chatting to people online, so if you&rsquo;d like to keep up with what she&rsquo;s up to:</p> <p>Facebook page: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ann-Grech/458420227655212">https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ann-Grech/458420227655212</a></p> <p>Facebook: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/ann.grech.9">https://www.facebook.com/ann.grech.9</a></p> <p>Online: <a href="http://www.anngrech.com/">www.anngrech.com</a></p> <p>Ann&rsquo;s newsletter: <a href="http://anngrech.com/contact-ann/">http://anngrech.com/contact-ann/</a></p> <p>Olive Hiscock on Facebook: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/OliveHiscockErotica">https://www.facebook.com/OliveHiscockErotica</a></p>