About the author

Diana Deverell

<p><em></em>A native Oregonian, Diana Deverell was a US Foreign Service Officer and served in Washington DC, San Salvador, and Warsaw, before she moved to rural Denmark to write fulltime. She debuted as a published writer in 1998 with <em>12 Drummers Drumming</em>, her first international thriller.<br><br> Her latest release is the political thriller <em>Bitch Out of Hell</em> starring security pro Bella Hinton and told in Bella’s own salty words. Bella is the heroine of “Payback is a Bitch,” a short story appearing in the September 2018 issue of themed anthology magazine <em>Fiction River – Pulse Pounders: Countdown</em>, edited by Kevin J. Anderson. Before shining in stories of her own, Bella played a supporting role in several international thrillers taking place from the Cold War to the present.<br> <br> Diana also writes the Nora Dockson legal thriller series, featuring a woman ex-con turned appeals lawyer. The first five books in order are <em><strong>Help Me Nora</strong></em>, <strong><em>Right the Wrong</em></strong>, <strong><em>Hear My Plea</em></strong>, <strong><em>Judge Me Not</em></strong>, and <strong><em>Open the Door</em></strong>.<br> <br> Diana’s published short fiction includes five stories starring FBI Special Agent Dawna Shepherd. All are available as ebook short stories. Dawna’s past adventures are collected in <em>Run &amp; Gun: A Dozen Tales of Girls with Guns</em> and she plays a supporting role in <em>Bitch Out of Hell</em> and three international thrillers. <br></p>