About the author

Anthony Richards

<p>I began my writing life in 1990 when my first son, Andrew, was born. I wanted to give him a legacy to remember me by and a create new worlds and entertainment for all my readers.</p><p>My first book was actually read by a Producer, Chris Buck, the Director of&nbsp;Frozen, who suggested I turn it into an Animated script. I did, but when I went to send it to him, he had moved on. Hollywood, what can you say?</p><p>Since then I&#39;ve written over 10 Screenplays, 6 Teleplays and TV Pilots, a play, a YA Scifi Action Thriller manuscript and 10 Minute Tales - a series of 5 Children&#39;s Bedtime books. The first one, Mary&#39;s Adventures, was launched on Amazon in eBook and Paperback forms in August of 2018. My plan is to have all 5 Ten Minute Tales on Kindle by Christmas of 2018.&nbsp;</p>