About the author

August Arrea

<p>August Arrea avoids the spotlight with the same aversion as a vampire does to the sight of the approaching dawn. As a 3rd generation American of European decent, he also has had the good fortune to be born with a name with strong ties to history and cultural heritage over many generations. On the other hand, such names can be a real chore since they are typically an alphabet soup of what often appear to be conflicting letters that don't seem to belong, sprinkled with connecting vowels. As such, he has had to, at times, spend a wearisome part of his life correcting what seemed to be a never ending mass of people, unable to pronounce, spell or even translate his name correctly; even on official documents. For these two reasons, during the process of turning his attention to writing this series of books, he has embraced the christening and adoption of this new and simple pseudonym.</p><p>Moniker aside, over the course of the last 25 years, this limelight dodger with a "speed bump" for a name, first made his mark writing as an award-winning journalist who loved uncovering the gems of stories hidden in plain sight on Any Street, U.S.A. He eventually turned his skills of mining for stories by drilling into the unexplored caverns of his imagination; the&nbsp;'Tales of the Nephilim Brotherhood'&nbsp;series is comprised of the core samples of his quarry expedition.</p><p>Today, he is still a working journalist by trade with a national newspaper company. He lives in California's central valley where spotlights are rare, but the butchering of his name remains an inescapable, yet pardonable occurrence. When he's not writing, you'll likely find him with his best girls: two Australian Shepherd sisters named Gracie and Ember with whom he has absolutely no shame in readily admitting he engages in baby talk and the occasional slobbery smooch on the lips.</p><p>Want to be notified for the latest news on August Arrea's "Nephilim" series, including&nbsp;cover reveals, release dates, sneak peeks and book trailers?&nbsp; Visit <strong>www.VIIPublishing/com</strong>&nbsp;</p>