About the author

Stephanie Queen

<p>Stephanie Queen has always been a writer. Ever since second grade when the Nuns of Sacred Heart School got her hooked by offering fame&#8211;though not fortune&#8211;and she won first prize in their story contest. That was her first publishing gig.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>After that Stephanie put writing mostly on the back burner while she built up a catalogue of life experiences. She went to UConn, got married, had two sons who could star as heroes in any lucky girl&#8217;s romance story, got a Masters degree at Harvard University, worked a few jobs&#8211;Math teacher, Keebler Elf and desk jockey at various cubicle farms doing bureaucratic things. Then she finally put writing stories back on the front burner.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>Since then, Stephanie has published more than forty novels and novellas. She teaches novel writing classes and also speaks at libraries, conferences and workshops on writing and publishing.</p>&#13; &#13; <p>&#8220;One of my all-time favorite things in the world is to hear from readers who enjoy my books. I love to write back, too. If you email me, I will reply!&#8221;</p>