About the author

Naomi Miller

<strong>Naomi Miller</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;mixes up a batch of intrigue, sprinkled with Amish, Mennonite, English &amp; Irish characters (so far), adding a pinch of mystery – and a dash of romance! Naomi’s time&nbsp;is spent focusing on her writing, editing, and blogging about her experiences.<br><br>When she’s not working diligently to finish the next book in her&nbsp;<em>Sweet Shop Mystery series</em>, Naomi enjoys traveling&nbsp;with her family. Naomi also tries to make time for attending writer events, workshops and conferences. One of her favorite joys&nbsp;is meeting her readers. So far, she’s traveled from Tennessee — to South Carolina, across to Alabama, up to St. Louis, and on to Illinois, and over to Ohio — to meet readers and make new friends.<br><br>​​​​​​​ Naomi also enjoys singing inspirational/gospel music, taking daily walks, and witnessing to others of the amazing grace of Jesus Christ.