About the author

Teddy A. Jones

​​​​​​​Teddy A. Jones&nbsp;is a transformational leader whose intellectual acumen and heart towards empowering individuals and communities puts him head and shoulder above many of his peers. His leadership has received national recognition and in the midst of the accolades, he remains grounded and focused on the transformation of lives. As a result, his insights in the field of mentoring, his pragmatism and his training, makes Rev. Jones a fit (motivational) speaker and consultant on community development, mobilization, theology and social policy. <br> <br>Rev. Jones is affectionately called, “The Ghetto Priest” due to his involvement in the Inner City and his commitment to the cause of justice for the oppressed.&nbsp; To the many, young and old alike that he relates to He is also known simply as Pastor Teddy. <br>​​​​​​​ <br>Rev. Jones is also an educator at the tertiary level, currently serving as an the Jamaica Theological Seminary. <br>Rev. Jones is heavily involved in mentoring and leadership training in various sectors of society. This is facilitated primarily through RENEWED Ministries, a&nbsp;youth based&nbsp;ministry with a&nbsp;strong mentoring and leadership emphasis. In similar&nbsp;fashion&nbsp;he is&nbsp;the Board Chairman of&nbsp;PATHH&nbsp;Ministries (Pastors According To His Heart).<br><br>Rev. Jones’s educational background is diverse having been educated at the&nbsp;Jamaica Theological Seminary&nbsp;in Kingston Jamaica, Dallas Theological Seminary in the USA and ALICT (African Leadership Institute for Community Transformation) in South Africa. As a life-long&nbsp;learner&nbsp;he is currently reading for the Master of Arts in Public Theology degree at Jamaica Theological Seminary. Along the&nbsp;way&nbsp;he has completed various certifications&nbsp;including: Leadership and Community Development, Dispute Resolution, Youth Entrepreneurship, Life Coaching, Guidance and Counselling, Career Counselling, Restorative Justice and life coaching. This depth of training leads to high accolades for his preaching and teaching ministry. <br>Rev. Jones’ birth place is Trinidad. However, he is Grenadian by naturalization and Jamaican by ministry and calling, having been living here since 1998. Together with his wife Latoya, he is actively empowering young and old alike with his vibrant, innovative and radical approach to the preaching and teaching of God’s Word and motivational speeches. Their union has produced one son, Zaken’Asiel [Pronounced ZA-KEN’ AS-EE-EL]. It is his desire to serve God in his generation and empower the next generation to do the same, so the generations yet unborn will be all that they can and should be.&nbsp; <strong>&nbsp;</strong> Rev. Jones has a knack for writing of an extremely high calibre. &nbsp;He has several unpublished papers which have received rave reviews.&nbsp;&nbsp;Currently he has a paper published in the Caribbean Journal of Evangelical Theology (CJET). &nbsp;