About the author

Urcelia Teixeira

<strong>GET HER LATEST BOOK FOR FREE!!</strong><br>http://download.urcelia.com/<br><br><strong>Philosophy</strong><br><br>From her pen flows action-packed adventures for the armchair traveler who enjoys a thrilling escape. Devoid of the usual profanity and obscenities, she incorporates real-life historical relics and mysteries from exciting places all over the world. &nbsp;She aims to kidnap her reader from the mundane and plunge them into feel-good riddle-solving quests filled with danger, sabotage, and mystery!<br><br><strong>About Urcelia</strong><br><br>Urcelia Teixeira is a mystery and thriller author of clean, fast-paced archaeological action-adventure novels. &nbsp;Her Alex Hunt Adventure Thriller series has been described by readers as 'Indiana Jones meets Lara Croft.’<br><br>She read her first book when she was four and wrote her first poem when she was seven. &nbsp;And though she lived precariously through books and her far too few travels, life happened. &nbsp;She married the man of her dreams and birthed three boys (and two dogs, a cat, three chickens, and some goldfish!). So, life became all about settling down and providing a means to an end. &nbsp;She climbed the corporate ladder, exercised her entrepreneurial flair and made her mark in real-estate.<br><br>Traveling and exploring the world made space for child-friendly annual family holidays by the sea. &nbsp;The ones where she was forced to build a sand castle and barely got past the first five pages of a book. &nbsp;And on the odd chance she managed to read fast enough to page eight, she was confronted with a moral dilemma as the umpteenth F-word forced its way off just about every page!<br><br>But in a strange twist of fate upon her return from yet another male-dominated camping trip, when fifty knocked hard and fast on her door, and she could no longer stomach the profanities in her reading material, she drew a line in the sand and bravely set off to create her own adventure!<br><br>It was in the dark, quiet whispers of the night, well past midnight in the year 2017, that Alex Hunt was born.<br><br>For more visit her website www.urcelia.com or email her on books@urcelia.com<br>To get to know her better, follow her on:<br><br>Facebook, Twitter or Instagram&nbsp;<br><br>See you between my pages!