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Stephen Bentley

<p>Stephen Bentley is a former police Detective Sergeant and barrister (trial attorney) from the UK. He is now a freelance writer and occasional HuffPost UK contributor on undercover policing.&nbsp;<br><br>His memoir <em>Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story</em>&nbsp;is a frank account of his undercover detective experiences during Operation Julie - an elite group of detectives who successfully investigated one of the world's largest drugs rings.&nbsp;<br><br>His memoir became a UK bestseller and now translated into Italian and Portuguese. It is available in English in these formats: eBook, paperback, and audiobook at Audible.<br><br>He also&nbsp;writes crime fiction in his <em>Steve Regan Undercover Cop</em>&nbsp;and <em><strong>Detective Matt Deal Thriller</strong></em> series. He has also written an award-winning short story, <em><strong>The Rose Slayer</strong></em>, which has now been published in an anthology of murder mystery short stories titled <em><strong>Death Among Us</strong></em>​​​​​​​, along with over twenty short stories from ten authors.&nbsp;<br><br>The <em>Steve Regan Undercover Cop</em> series is written as a trilogy. However, the author suggests that his memoir <em>Undercover: Operation Julie - The Inside Story </em>can be read&nbsp;as a prequel to the fiction series, as the series is&nbsp;a spin-off from the memoir. A case of fact fuelling fiction!<br><br>When he isn't writing, Stephen relaxes on the beaches of the Philippines with his family where he now lives often with a cold beer in one hand and a book in the other.<br><br>Stephen loves to interact with readers, followers, and other indie authors. He is very supportive of the efforts of indie authors often featuring them on his blog. You may connect with Stephen on his blog or social media by using the 'Follow This Author' buttons at the top of this page.<br><br><br><br></p>