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E L Parfitt

<p><!--StartFragment-->E L Parfitt is a long-time an admirer of Pratchett, King and Scottish authors such as Maggie O&rsquo;Farrell and John Burnside. You can find her avoiding polite company while writing in coffee shops, parks... and well, that would be telling. Author of Temptation &amp; Mozzarella, Shattered Roses and Seascape, Emma was honored to study creative writing from Douglas Dunn and John Burnside at St Andrews and went on to plan and implement creative writing courses for a diverse range of places such as Scottish Widows, Exeter and Warwick University and Huntercombe Hospital (a clinic for young girls with eating disorders). She also holds a Bsc, MA and PhD in biology, literature and storytelling. She would like to write for a living and research storytelling but life has a way of demanding the bills are paid first! Keep an eye out for the forthcoming book: Young people, learning &amp; storytelling (2018).<!--EndFragment--></p>