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Camille Hanson

<p>Hi, <strong>I'm Camille.</strong></p><p>I have helped thousands of people to <u>understand</u> and <u>speak</u> American English and I would LOVE to help you too!</p><p>I am not only an English teacher but I am also a language learner. I have successfully learned Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and French.</p><p>I know what it's like to struggle through learning a language. I know what it's like to struggle with understanding a language or be afraid to speak it.</p><p>Let me help you on your path to English Success! I believe that with the right tools, you can understand and speak English with confidence!</p><p>I am also a certified life coach and I can help you to define your goals and achieve them.</p><p>Invest in your english today with one of my books or resources!</p><p>Camille Hanson</p>