About the author

Stefanie Selen

<p>I was always told that a great author bio should be written in the third person (even though you, my readers, know very well I&#39;m the one who&#39;s tooting my own horn here). But, to keep up with appearances (*it&#39;ll be our little secret*) you&#39;ll find some more info on me below .... written by.... sssomeone else.... yes.<br /> <br /> Stefanie Selen is the creator of the self-development brand &quot;Life&#39;s Recipe Book&quot; and has had various articles published worldwide including the original &quot;Tough Cookie Philosophy&quot;.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> A former psychologist who went from private practice, to professional training &amp; development, she now spends her time writing, training and coaching executives in their respective fields. As well as a successful health professional, she is a mother of two, wife of one, veteran expatriate and self-proclaimed &#39;foodie&#39; (which is just another way of saying her favorite hobby is eating).<br /> <br /> Stefanie has spent the majority of her time living abroad in various countries. This has opened her world to new experiences and interesting people. It has given her a head start in developing her kick-ass growth mindset and has added a certain jadedness to her character.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Her wit and sense of humor often trickles through her writing (where appropriate). With real life truths, and a no-nonsense attitude, she seeks out to help people be more, do more and experience more in life.</p>