About the author

George Saoulidis

<p>Writer/Director. I enjoy taking ancient Greek myths and turning them into modern sci-fi spooky versions. I also like to write romantic comedies, and people seem to go &quot;Awww!&quot; over them, so why not?&nbsp;<br /> Many of my stories are icky, in various ways. I&rsquo;m European, we have a higher tolerance for that kind of stuff. Plus, I&rsquo;m inspired by mythology and Shakespeare, so if you can&rsquo;t handle tragedy and bodily fluids, feel free to move on.<br /> My photo has been redrawn by a neural network.<br /> <br /> Join the Mythographers, download the free starting library and begin reading right now:&nbsp;https://www.mythographystudios.com/join</p>