About the author

Ron K. Snyder

<strong>Ron K Snyder</strong> is an <strong>Indie Author</strong> &amp; <strong>Publisher</strong> from Mizoram, India. His hobbies include writing songs, singing and playing guitar<br>He is the founder of <strong>Zorin's Design</strong>, a publishing company that specializes in <strong>ebooks</strong> .Ron has been writing books for the past few<br>years and has published many books on different topics&nbsp; Ron's work revolves around the idea of providing<strong> people</strong> with <strong>valuable <br>​​​​​​​content </strong>that can help them <strong>improve</strong> their lives.&nbsp; He is also passionate about online marketing and <strong><em>helping people</em></strong> achieve their <strong>dreams</strong>.<br><br><br>