About the author

Heather Beck

<p>Heather Beck is a Canadian Author and Screenwriter who began writing professionally at the age of sixteen. Since then she has written eleven well-reviewed books, including the best-selling series, <em>The Horror Diaries</em>, which has sold in six continents.</p><p>Heather received an Honors Bachelor of Arts degree from university where she specialized in English and studied an array of disciplines. Currently, she is working on the <em>Frostbitten </em>series and has two anthologies slated for publication. As a screenwriter, Heather has multiple television shows and movies in development. Her short films include: <em>Young Eyes</em>, <em>The Rarity</em>, <em>Too Sensible For Love</em>, <em>Circular, </em>and the forthcoming<em> Witch&rsquo;s Brew</em>.</p><p>Besides writing, Heather&rsquo;s greatest passion is the outdoors. She is an award-winning fisherwoman and a regular hiker. Her hobbies include swimming, playing badminton and volunteering with non-profit organizations.</p>