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John Peck

<p>John (Doc) Peck is a Veteran of the Vietnam War, where he served as a Corpsman in a Marine Grunt Company in the field. After his return from Vietnam, he was stationed at Naval Air Station (NAS) VF101, in Oceana, Virginia (VA). He then attended INDEPENDENT DUTY SCHOOL, in Portsmouth, VA. After graduation, he was assigned to INDEPENDENT DUTY, SUBMARINE SCHOOL, GROTON, Connecticut. Next, he was assigned to the USS GATO, SSN 615, out of New London, Connecticut. After his retirement from military service, he continued his education, obtaining his doctorate in Hospital Administration. Doc Peck and his wife, Linda, and their faithful beagle (cute little Nutter Butter) make their home in Williamsburg, Virginia, a stone's throw or an Amtrak train-ride away from our nation's capitol, Washington, D.C.</p>