About the author

Geoff Palmer

<p style="font-weight:normal">Geoff Palmer is the author of five novels, including the acclaimed young-adult adventure/sci-fi book <em>Too Many Zeros</em>, originally published by Penguin, and the award-winning <em>Telling Stories</em>, winner of the Reed/North &amp; South Fiction Award.</p><p style="font-weight:normal">He is also a technical writer specialising in IT-related subjects. His columns have appeared regularly in <em>New Zealand </em><em>PC World</em>, <em>ComputerWorld</em>, <em>Net Magazine</em>, <em>On MAS</em> and the <em>Sunday Star Times</em>. He authored <em>The IT Contractor&rsquo;s Handbook</em> (two editions), and contributed to a number of other standalone publications, including <em>Mobile PC &ndash; A Guide to Portable Computing</em>, <em>The Internet Plain and Simple</em> and <em>The PC Buyer&rsquo;s Guide</em>. His clear, concise summary of complex subjects has won him the enthusiastic approval of many readers, and he is the recipient of four Qantas Media Awards for his journalism.</p><p style="font-weight:normal">You&#39;ll find him at www.geoffpalmer.co.nz</p>