About the author

Jack Erickson

<p>Jack Erickson writes in multiple genres: international thrillers, mysteries, true crime, short mysteries, and romantic suspense.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> He is currently writing a series of international thrillers based in Milan featuring the anti-terrorism police, DIGOS, at Milan&#39;s Questura (police headquarters). Book I in the series is &quot;Thirteen Days in Milan.&quot; The sequel, &quot;No One Sleeps,&quot; will be published in December 2016. Book III, &quot;Cadorna Station,&quot; will be published in March 2017.<br /> <br /> Erickson&#39;s models for his thrillers are based on three popular Italian mystery series: Donna Leon&#39;s Commissario Brunetti in Venice, Andrea Camilleri&#39;s Inspector Salvo Montalbano in Sicily, and Michael Dibdin&#39;s Aurelio Zen in Rome. All three have been produced as TV series at either BBC, PBS, RAI, or Deutsche Welle<br /> <br /> Erickson travels throughout Italy for research and sampling Italian contemporary life and culture. In earlier careers, he was a U.S. Senate speechwriter, Washington-based editor, and RedBrick Press publisher. He wrote and published several books on emerging craft brewing industry including the award winning &quot;Star Spangled Beer: A Guide to America&#39;s New Microbreweries and Brewpubs.&quot;<br /> <br /> Before he began writing fiction, he was a wealth manager for a national brokerage in Silicon Valley.</p>