About the author

Doris-Maria Heilmann

.<br><strong>Doris-Maria Heilmann has more than 30 years experience in publishing, writing, (German and English) and in book marketing. </strong><br><br>She started her writing and teaching career in the field of commercial aviation and pilot training and published not only several books, but also her own successful flight and travel magazine “USA BY AIR” for a European audience of over 30,000 subscribers, and many more magazine buyers in three German-speaking countries. <br>.<br><strong>Magazine and Book Publisher </strong><br>She learned a lot in these years as a magazine publisher: editor-art-director-marketing-manager and later started also publishing books, mostly technical and non-fiction books in the world of aviation. <br>.<br><strong>E-Publishing and Book Marketing </strong><br>At Algonquin College in Ottawa, Canada, she studied e-publishing and marketing, including web and graphic design, professional photography, writing for the web, editing, investigative journalism, social media, and e-marketing. Because e-publishing is always evolving, Doris continuously studies the e-book and traditional publishing market. <br>.<br><strong>Seminars/Workshops/Public Speaking </strong><br>The topics of her seminars and workshops (on- and offline) include the following: book design, establishing an author platform and brand, book marketing and promotional campaigns, social media, and print and e-book distribution.<br><br>.