About the author

gautam maitra

<p><em>Gautam Maitra was born one and a half decade after Britishers left South Asia leaving behind a diverse society in great turmoil and a once-prosperous global-prided economy in tatters. He grew up in a large middle-class Bengali joint- family at Kolkata whose ancestral routes would take readers to a village in Phoridpur and Lahiri Jamindari in Pabna(now both<strong> </strong>in Bangladesh),&nbsp; and to the town of Berhampore in Murshidabad (India) - not far off from where the Nawab of Bengal once ruled.&nbsp;&nbsp; After graduation in commerce, the author completed professionally Chartered and Cost Accountancy degrees while his passion continued to be the eyes and ears of the soil. Occupational necessities made him settle away from the soil into far off corners of the country for many decades, working with various organisations in various capacities.</em></p>