About the author

M W Brown

Follow <strong>M W Brown</strong> down the skeleton-strewn path.&nbsp; The international bestselling author longs to lure you into her dark, twisted imagination, lock the door and wait for you to scream. Her love of all things supernatural and terrifying started at&nbsp;an early age. That love exploded when she discovered Steven King, Clive Barker, and Shirley Jackson. She devoured ghost stories, horror films, and dabbled in writing her own. Brown studied mathematics and psychology at university because there wasn't a course in horror and found numbers and people can be just as terrifying. But it took her decades in finance to follow her true passion and realize her macabre imagination needed an outlet. Brown has penned <em>Portraits in Flesh</em>, <em>The Lingering Taste of Salted Chocolate,</em> and co-written <em>The Broken Mirror Series</em>, as well as over a dozen short stories.