About the author

Laila Doncaster

Laila Doncaster was born in Canada and raised in the Province of British Columbia.&nbsp; Acquiring the Saint John’s Ambulance – Industrial First Responder, she worked primarily in road construction, as well as the oil fields, gas pipelines, forestry, and forest fires of BC and AB, as a traffic controller and first aid attendant from 1981 until 2011.&nbsp; ​​​​​​​She graduated with honors from a technical university in 2004, with a minor degree in Computer Programming, Software Development, and Systems Analysis.&nbsp; <br><br>​​​​Suffering from anxiety and depression most of her adult life, she found respite in writing her first novel, <em>“Cocooning, The Butterfly”</em> which began in 2002.&nbsp; She married her husband, Jeff, in 2014, and now lives in Alberta.&nbsp; She is a mother of two, a young grandmother of four, and looks forward to life in the country as an early retirement nears.&nbsp;