About the author

Atulya K Bingham

<p>Atulya K Bingham is a novelist, blogger and natural builder.&nbsp;In 2011 she found herself out of funds and ended up camping in a Turkish field. There was no power or running water, and she had little outdoors survival knowledge. The experience&nbsp;had a profound effect on her.</p><p>Despite knowing nothing about building, Atulya gathered a team and constructed an earthbag house. She&nbsp;lived there on her beloved Mud Mountain&nbsp;until August 2016.</p><p>Atulya is now travelling the west coast of Europe with her dog,&nbsp;in search of her new off-grid Eden.</p><p>You can follow Atulya K Bingham&rsquo;s comings and goings on her blog and website: www.themudhome.com</p>