About the author

Craig Hansen

<p> Craig Hansen wrote his first SF published short story, &quot;The S.S. Nova,&quot; when he was fourteen. It was published in the Minnesota Writers in the Schools COMPAS program&#39;s 1981 anthology of student writing, <em>When It Grows Up, You Say Goodbye To It</em>. That was when he decided to dedicate himself to writing.</p> <p> Hansen earned two degrees at Minnesota State University at Mankato under the mentorship of young adult novelist Terry Davis. In the years that followed, Hansen worked a variety of jobs, including five years in journalism in northwestern Wisconsin, where he earned several state awards for his writing and editing.</p> <p> His work has appeared in the Meadowbrook Press anthology, <em>Girls to the Rescue, Book 1</em>, as well as the true crime journal, <em>Ripper Notes</em>, in volume 28.</p> <p> His first novel, <em>Most Likely</em>, was released in May 2011. <em>Shada</em>, the first installment of the Ember Cole series of young adult paranormal suspense books, was published in September 2011. <em>Under Contract</em> followed in the spring of 2012. <em>The Devohrah Initiative</em> appeared in August 2013. <em>Nice Girl Like You</em> is his most-recent work.</p> <p> Hansen remains hard at work on two novel-length books. <em>Ember</em> continues the story of Ember Cole that began in <em>Shada</em>, and will be the second novel in that series. <em>EyeCU</em> (working title) will become his first novel-length horror tale for older readers.</p> <p> Hansen lives in Oregon with his wife, a dog, two cats, and his 91-year-old father, a World War II veteran.</p> <p> Craig&#39;s interests include the music of Johnny Cash, reading the novels of other independent authors, blogging, and the study of Messianic theology.</p> <p> On his website, you can sign up to receive a periodic email newsletter that will notify you when he releases new books.</p> <p> Web: http://www.craig-hansen.com/</p> <p> Email: craig@craig-hansen.com</p> <p> Twitter @craigahansen</p> <p> Facebook:&nbsp;http://www.facebook.com/pages/Craig-Hansen-Author/136888346383154</p>