About the author

John Wooley

<p><strong>John Wooley</strong>&nbsp;made his first professional sale in the late 1960s, placing a script with the legendary&nbsp;<em>Eerie&nbsp;</em>magazine. He&#39;s now in his sixth decade as a professional writer, having written three mass-market paperback horror novels with co-author Ron Wolfe, including <em>Death&#39;s Door</em>, which was one of the first books released under Dell&#39;s Abyss imprint and nominated for a Bram Stoker Award. His solo horror and fantasy novels include<em>&nbsp;Awash in the Blood</em>,&nbsp;<em>Ghost Band</em>, and&nbsp;<em>Dark Within</em>, the latter a finalist for the Oklahoma Book Award.&nbsp;</p><p>Wooley is also the author of the critically acclaimed biographies&nbsp;<em>Wes Craven: A Man and His Nightmares</em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em>Right Down the Middle: The Ralph Terry Story</em>. He has co-written or contributed to several volumes of Michael H. Price&#39;s&nbsp;<em>Forgotten Horrors</em>&nbsp;series of movie books&nbsp;and co-hosts the podcast of the same name.&nbsp;</p>