About the author

Joss Conlon

<p> Joss Conlon is an ordinary man of extraordinary insight who writes and advises primarily on the subject of love and how to regain its power in your life. He is recognized as a Love &amp; Relationships Expert on SelfGrowth.com, though his work covers a wide range of success and happiness issues. Like most of us, Joss has had his struggles with the questions of life, the difficulties of personal relationships, and the meaning and purpose of existence. His own experiences have demanded that he seek out explanations for these puzzles; almost universally, the answer to every question returns to LOVE, the true grandeur of creation. His first book, &quot;A Gentle Nudge in the Right Direction&quot;, seeks to steer us back toward the path of love--and warns us of the dangers we face if we fail to heed the call.</p> <p> As have so many before him, Joss has also recognized the power that the mind has to create and control the world around us. His book &quot;Harnessing the Magic of the Universe&quot; (and it&#39;s three companion volumes) address our ability to command creation through the art of manifesting as it relates to the Law of Attraction. This short manual has become an international best-seller.</p> <p> Joss Conlon is an author, speaker and coach who developed his ideas based upon some of the most fundamental truths we possess as human beings--truths that have been known throughout human history but are increasingly being pushed aside in the internet age. He has studied psychology, philosophy, religion and literature to draw the basis of his own theories and methods. He advises on matters of the heart, spirit and mind in order to help readers develop healthy and lasting relationships in the modern age of increased temptation and decreased boundaries; find success no matter their circumstances; and enjoy the benefits of a fulfilled and purposeful life.&nbsp;</p>