About the author

Andrene Low

<p>Andrene Low&rsquo;s love of writing was instilled in her by her mother, although if her mum was still alive, she&rsquo;d be smacking Andrene across the back of the head given the direction her writing has taken. Irreverent, cutting and reflecting her background as a stand-up comic, it&rsquo;s edgy with humour that&rsquo;s very dark in places.</p> <p>Her That Seventies Series&nbsp;comprises Heels and a Tiara, Friday Night Fever, Out of Bounds, Brush With Fame and Strapped for Cash, and explores the wild ride the seventies was for anyone lucky enough to be young and single during this craziest of decades. Imagine a mash up between Sex in the City and That Seventies Show and you&rsquo;re half way there.</p> <p>Andrene&#39;s currently working on a cozy mystery series about Frankie B, a jinxed witch with Bruce Lee moves.</p> <p>She lives in gorgeous New Zealand with Jasmine, a neurotic, geriatric cat who should be bald given how much fur she sheds.&nbsp;</p>