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Brian D Satterfield

<p>&nbsp;Brian D. Satterfield&#39;s a certified peer and recovery specialist; chronic illness and trauma liberation advocate, educator and speaker. Brian now devotes himself to helping others live a better life. To help others, who&#39;ve gotten lost, stuck, struggle, deal, cope, find relief with/from their complications. He&#39;s been working with severely mentally ill adults since 2009 &ndash; adults involved in the criminal justice system since 2012. While writing memoirs, conducting holistic workshops and presenting keynote speeches. Brian&#39;s now booking keynote speaking, wellness workshops, and book reading/signings. At:<em><strong> www.decide2evolve.com/contact</strong></em> ... Brian&#39;s experience is over thirty years professional and personal.</p><p>&nbsp;Brian&#39;s first book in Decide 2 Evolves series of published works &ndash; &quot;The Mental Health Survival Guide &ndash; Managing the Severities of Multi-Mental Health Diagnosis&quot; which was a #1 bestseller on Amazon across three categories. Brian&#39;s second book, &ldquo;Napkin Notes&rdquo; is a picture book focusing on relationships.</p><p></p><p>decide2evolve.com | briandsatterfield.wordpress.com | twitter.com/bdsatterfield | pinterest.com/decide2evolve | facebook.com/briandsatterfield | linkedin.com/in/brian-d-satterfield | youtube/decide2evolve | google+/decide 2 evolve</p><p></p>