About the author

Dawn M Hyde

<p>I am an Independant Author from Oregon.&nbsp; Writing had been a very secret passion of mine for years until I began publishing not so long ago.</p><p>My scenery, life, and beautiful family are my inspiration to finally share my work passion with the world. &nbsp;<br><br></p><p>My Latest Project of 2018<br><br>(An Evolution &amp; Legacy of Ash Spin-off Series)<br>(Series include characters from In The Woods &amp; The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra--Recommended read these first)<br><br></p><p>**From Legacy to the Evolution of The Relic Records--The Beginning Book 1<br>**The Relic Records--Is This The End...Really?--Book 2&nbsp;<br>**The Relic Records--About The Dog!--Book 3<br>**The Relic Records--Ragnarok to Restoration--Book 4<br>**The Relic Records--Home Sweet...NewRealm--Book 5<br>**The Relic Records--Our Legacy Forever--Book 6<br><br></p><p>*****Previous Publications Now E-Book Exclusive*****</p><p>* Symbolic Bonds: Books 1 thru 4 (Smash-up)&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br><br>*The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra Trilogy (Smash-up)<br><br>*Woods Duo (Smash-up)<br><br>*A Collection of Short Works and Book 2<br><br>*The Sisters Series:&nbsp; The Choosing Book 1 and The Claiming Book 2<br><br>*The Cemetary Beyond The Shore&nbsp; (Free Short Story)<br><br></p><p>*****My Books Available Both in e-book and paperback:*****</p><p>* Symbolic Bonds: Books 1 thru 4&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br><br></p><p>*The Immortal Chronicles of Queen Kyra Trilogy: Loss, Fulfillment, and Ever After<br><br></p><p>*In The Woods--Bonus Prequels (Inspired by The Cabin in the Woods from above collection)<br>*Out Of The Woods--Follow-up novella to In The Woods &nbsp;<br><br></p><p>**Ash:&nbsp; The Beginning--The Complete and Uncut Prequel**<br>**A Whole New World--Evolution &amp; The Legacy of Ash: Book 1**<br>**The Enemy of Thine Enemy...Is My Friend--Evolution &amp; The Legacy of Ash: Book 2**<br>**What Lurks At Home--Evolution &amp; The Legacy of Ash: Book 3**<br>**Ash:&nbsp; Our Evolution and Legacy--The Complete and Uncut Epilogue**<br><br></p><p>***Karelia's Hidden Lily<br><br></p><p>**My Super-Unnatural Spring Break--A High-Witch's Guide: To The WTF Moments Of The Universe Book 1<br>**So…This Is The Other Realm…Intersesting--A High-Witch's Guide: To The WTF Moments Of The Universe Book 2<br></p>