About the author

Mike Carss

Mike Carss is Canadian, hailing from Ottawa, better recognized for his music than his prose. Mike’s literary journey started innocently enough in 2013 with <em>Deeds of Their Past</em>. What began as a short narrative developed into a fantasy adventure novel that followed the travels of two morally dubious characters.<br><br>The sequel, <em>Strength of Fate</em>, was a long time coming. Half of the first draft was created soon after <em>Deeds</em> was published. Unfortunately, with limited time available to pursue his hobbies, the music took precedence, leaving the story untouched for nearly seven years.<br><br>At the beginning of 2022, music production became Mike’s full-time career. This provided more opportunities to pursue other passions, and the possibility of finishing the manuscript was now within his grasp. In well-timed sync with this shift in his life, a reader reached out to inquire about Nathan and Brohm’s continued adventure, which was alluded to in the closing chapter of <em>Deeds</em>. This conversation gave Mike the motivation he needed to dust off his ancient laptop and finally delve back into the manuscript to complete it.<br><br>While Nathan and Brohm’s journey concludes with <em>Strength of Fate</em>, this doesn’t mean the end of Mike’s writing endeavours. Seeds for future novels have been germinating, and while no plans are set in stone, he hopes that his next story won’t take a decade to complete.<br><br>Follow Mike on Goodreads:<br>https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7218891.Mike_Carss<br><br>His Music:<br>https://www.altusmusic.ca<br>