About the author

CM Lally

<p>I grew up in a small village&nbsp;in Southern Ohio near the West Virginia border. &nbsp;My&nbsp;dreams were too big for that small town, so I&nbsp;set my&nbsp;sights on big city life in Cincinnati, Ohio. I&nbsp;currently live&nbsp;there with my&nbsp;Prince Charming, two teenage children, and cry-baby cat named Buddy.&nbsp;</p><p>I have&nbsp;always been a reader, often getting lost in the library for hours inside a good romance book. I am&nbsp;in love with happily ever after (with some added spice for excitement). I&nbsp;often combine&nbsp;my&nbsp;passion for writing with music. I&nbsp;adore&nbsp;matching strong, bold, and sassy women with&nbsp;the men who can handle them.</p>