About the author

R.V. Bowman

<p>R.V. Bowman spends her days wrangling middle-school students while secretly trying to instill a love of language without any of them realizing it. By night, she picks up her pen (okay, it&#8217;s really a keyboard, but pen has a nicer ring, don&#8217;t you think?) and writes fantastical adventures full of magic and heart.<br/> <br/> Although her major was in English and journalism, R.V. Bowman decided that she preferred the imaginative to the realistic. Her love of books began as a child when she would pester anyone within earshot to read her a story. Once she learned to read on her own, her grandmother fed her reading addiction by supplying her with classics such as <em>Stuart Little</em>, <em>The Black Stallion</em>, and <em>The Hobbit</em> for every birthday and Christmas.<br/> <br/> R.V. Bowman lives in Northwest Ohio with her husband, two sons, and a very hairy dog named Kipper.</p>