About the author

J.W. Garrett

<p>J.W. has been writing in one form or another since she was a teenager.&nbsp;She currently writes from the sunny beaches of Jacksonville,&nbsp;Florida&nbsp; where she lives with her family, but loves the mountains of Virginia where she was born.&nbsp;Her writings include poetry, short stories, and young adult&nbsp;fantasy. Since putting the final touches on&nbsp;<em>Remeon’s Quest</em>, she has been hard at work on the next book in her Realms of Chaos series.&nbsp;When she’s not hanging out with her characters, her favorite activities are reading, running and spending time with family. You can join her mailing list and receive a free short story introduction to her YA Fantasy series&nbsp;by visiting her website at www.jwgarrett.com.<br><br></p><p>J.W. would love to hear from you! Please consider leaving a review at your favorite site, or feel free to drop a note at her website.<br>​​​​​​​<br></p><p>Thanks for reading!</p>