About the author

Sailor Stone

<strong>You can contact Sailor at info@sailorstone.com</strong>.&nbsp;<strong> <br>​​​​​​​Sailor&nbsp;Stone</strong> lives in the southern United States on the Atlantic coast where he stays busy writing novels and short stories in many genres, including Magical Realism, Coming of Age, and Literary Fiction.<br>His stories often feature protagonists that are trying to find their way in a cold and uncaring world, and where many times they get a slight - sometimes helpful, sometimes painful - nudge toward the truth from the supernatural.&nbsp;<br>Besides writing, he enjoys playing sports, photography, and studying the arts, philosophy, and religion. He likes discovering great books written by great authors, tasting new beers and wines, playing tennis, sitting in the back of a darkened nightclub and listening to a jazz trio take a long ride, being out on the open water in a boat, and worshiping quietly in the back of a church.&nbsp;<br>He considers the enjoyment of all the above to be multiplied exponentially by the accompaniment of his family and friends.<br><strong>You can contact Sailor at info@sailorstone.com</strong>.&nbsp;