About the author

Jacqueline Paige

I am&nbsp;a multi-published author of&nbsp;'all things paranormal'. My book list proves this is my niche with my stories of witches, ghosts, psychics, shifters, and more now on the shelves.&nbsp; My current genres are&nbsp;paranormal romance, paranormal fantasy, and paranormal romantic suspense.<br>My books are available in many formats around the globe, including book/reading apps. Since adding them during the pandemic, my books have had over a million reads and my&nbsp;'to be written' list is growing longer each day.&nbsp; I can't write fast enough.&nbsp;<br><br>I began my writing career in 2006 (as a joke) and my first&nbsp;book was published in 2009. I haven't stopped since then.&nbsp; I am an avid reader and will read 'anything with words', whether it's a novel, an article, or even every sign I pass.&nbsp;<br><br><br>I live in Ontario, Canada&nbsp;in a small town that's part of the popular Georgian Triangle area.&nbsp; Even though I can see the mountains, I do not ski.<br><br><br>When&nbsp;I'm not in one of my writing worlds, I spend time with my grand-monsters. &nbsp; I have nine of them (so far) and I look&nbsp;forward to corrupting them&nbsp;in the years to come.&nbsp;&nbsp;​​​​​​​<br>​​​​​​​<br><strong>Jacqueline loves to hear from her readers, you can find her at&nbsp;http://jacquelinepaige.com/&nbsp;</strong><br><br>