About the author

M. Ruth Myers

<p> M. Ruth Myers received a Shamus Award from the Private Eye Writers of America for Don&rsquo;t Dare a Dame, the third book in her Maggie Sullivan mysteries series.&nbsp; The series follows a woman P.I. in Dayton, OH, from the end of the Great Depression through the end of WW2.</p> <p> Other novels by Myers, in various genres, have been translated, optioned for film and condensed for magazine publication.&nbsp; Some were written under the name Mary Ruth Myers.&nbsp;&nbsp; She has a bachelor of journalism degree from the University of Missouri J-School.&nbsp; Prior to becoming a novelist, she worked on daily papers in Wyoming, Michigan and Ohio.&nbsp; She also spent five years working as a ventriloquist.</p> <p> The author and her husband live in Ohio.&nbsp; When not writing, she plays Irish traditional tunes on the concertina with more enthusiasm than skill.&nbsp; (Then again, how many people do you know who even play the concertina?)</p>