About the author

Amy Valenti

<p> <strong>About the Stories&hellip;</strong></p> <p> Just what is it about bondage, pain-play and barked commands that make a submissive fall to her knees? Amy Valenti is captivated by the Dominance and submission dynamic, and her books mainly feature growly, Dominant men with feisty yet submissive women. Occasionally she likes to write about hot Dom-on-Domme action and m&eacute;nage involving two Dominant partners with one lucky female sub.</p> <p> Safe, sane and consensual BDSM is important to her, and she tries to balance out the intense scenes in her books with some tender, loving aftercare.</p> <p> <strong>About the Author&hellip;</strong></p> <p> Amy Valenti attained &lsquo;crazy cat lady&rsquo; status at four years old, but took a little longer to get to the &lsquo;published author&rsquo; stage, which was her other goal in life. Now in her late twenties,she tries to minimise the number of cats she puts into her erotic romance stories, but more than one has slipped into a character&rsquo;s home while her back&rsquo;s been turned. After all, the ultimate test of a man&rsquo;s worth is what his new partner&rsquo;s pets think of him&hellip;</p> <p> Cats aside, Amy enjoys writing about intelligent female characters who know themselves and their desires. She&rsquo;s been fascinated by sex, relationship and power-play dynamics for many years, and experiments with different sub-genres under the overarching category of BDSM, concentrating on Domination and submission romance in particular.</p> <p> She also writes vanilla lesbian erotica (without the romance!) under the pseudonym Sidonie Spice.</p>