About the author

Julio Bonilla

<p>Julio Francisco Bonilla, Jr. graduated from San Francisco State University with a BA in Latino Studies (formerly known as Raza Studies) in January 2012 after nearly a decade of passing and failing classes due to undiagnosed ADD(Attention Deficit Disorder). While in college, he started off as a &nbsp;Business major to his parents bidding. In 2007, he switched his major to Journalism until he eventually changed his major once more- Latino Studies. He was inspired to write short stories and poetry about his own life while taking Creative Writing Workshop. His poems dealt with bad memories of having to re-learn stuff after suffering a trauma at 4 &frac12;. While finishing <em>Black Suede Jacket</em>, he thought of another story, <em>Two Drinks At A Night&rsquo;s Waltz</em>. He self-published both stories in 2013 on Draft2digital.<em> BSJ</em>&nbsp;has been translated to Spanish, Italian, French, CantoneseThe following year, he translated his first story to Spanish in order to reach a wider audience. That same year, <em>Two Drinks</em> was released in print on CreateSpace. In 2015, <em>Black Suede Jacket</em> was made into an audiobook on ACX. He is currently writing a short story about his Senior Prom.</p><p>Today, Julio works part-time as a houseman&nbsp;for a wealthy&nbsp;family in Pacific Heights, writes short stories, watches movies and reads self-help books.</p>