About the author

David Wind

<p>David Wind has published thirty-nine novels including Science Fiction, Mystery, and suspense thrillers. He lives and writes in Florida, and shares his house with his wife, Bonnie and dog Alfie, a sub-standard poodle (email him for an explanation).</p><p>In 2008, David formally became an independently published writer and published <em>Angels In Mourning</em>, his &lsquo;homage&rsquo; to the old time private detective books of the 50&rsquo;s and the 60&rsquo;s. He used to sneak them from his parents&rsquo; night tables and read them as a young boy. Angels is a contemporary take on the old-style noir detective. <em>Angels In Mourning</em> won the Amazon.com Book of the Month Reader&rsquo;s Choice Award.</p><p>David published the first book of his Sci-Fi fantasy trilogy <em>Tales Of Nevaeh</em>. <em>Born To Magic</em>, was released on February 15, 2015 and has received numerous 5 star reviews, as well as becoming an international genre Best Seller. <em>Born To Magic</em> is now available as a free eBook download. The second book of the series is <em>The Dark Masters</em>; and, the third Book, <em>TRINITY</em>: The Battle For Nevaeh, was released on February 29, 2016.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p><p>David&#39;s Fantasy, <em>Queen Of Knights</em>, is a medieval fantasy based on history, and his sci-fi paranormal, <em>Infinity&#39;s Doorway</em> has received wide acclaim.</p><p>He wrote the Medical Thriller, <em>The Whistleblower&rsquo;s Daughter,</em> with Terese Ramin. The idea for this Medical Legal Thriller came shortly after the death of a close friend. David said, &quot;I couldn&#39;t help but wonder about the medication....&quot;</p><p>His suspense thrillers are <em>The Hyte Maneuver,</em> (a Literary guild alternate selection); <em>The Sokova Convention</em>; and, <em>The Morrisy Manifest</em>. <em>Down will Come Baby, Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep, </em>and<em> Out Of The Shadows,</em> are mystery suspense novels.</p><p>To learn more about upcoming books, please do sign up for his Newsletter.</p><p>David&rsquo;s novels have been translated into 11 languages and published in 15 countries</p>