About the author

Joan Russell

<p> Joan Russell is the author of 60 erotic and romantic erotic short stories. Russell lives with her family in Southern California and spends most of her time researching and writing. Her erotic stories include</p> <p> The Naughty Nun - 15 stories about Sister Mary Immaculate - who has one solution for all problems confronting the church.</p> <p> The Virgin Bride - Erotic Romance - three stories about a woman who saw her husband for the first time at the altar.</p> <p> The Indentured Bride - Colonial Erotic Romance - Maggie Ingram sold herself into indentured slavery to avoid being raped. Her decision took her to the colonies, into the loving arms of Dr. Joshua Hughes and eventually to revenge against her father&rsquo;s evil attorney.</p> <p> The Governess: Balford Manor - .Victorian Erotic Romance -&nbsp; When Sarah Brandford applied for a job as governess with the Earl of Barclay she did not dream that she would be expected to bear the Earl&rsquo;s children as well as raise them.</p> <p> The Reluctant Bride - Victorian Erotic Romance - When Bliss was married off the the largest slave owner in Jamaica because she had become an abolitionist - She didn&#39;t dream she would ever come to love her new husband.</p> <p> More stories by Joan Russell:</p> <p> Playtoy for a Prince - Victorian Erotic Romance - based on a true love story</p> <p> Royal Mistress two Stories in the series The Victorians</p> <p> The Stolen Bride - Historic Romance - about the Right of the First Night</p> <p> The Viagra Monologues - Contemporary Erotic Romance - William Shackley overdoses on Viagra and the staff in the ER volunter to help him out.</p> <p> The Mail Order Bride - two stories about Mail Order Brides - Svetlana and Kim</p> <p> Adventures on Larry&#39;s List - 8 stories about two 20-something divorcees looking for satisfaction on Larry&#39;s List</p> <p> Boffy The Dick Slayer - Tenticled Alien Erotica</p> <p> Post Hypnotic Suggestion - Historic Erotica</p> <p> Sugar Daddy at Yale - Multiple Partner Erotica</p> <p> The Girls of St. Margarets - Finishing School Orgy</p> <p> Ghostly Satisfaction - Ghost Gangbang Erotica</p> <p> The Awakening of Susan Smith - Romanic Erotica</p> <p> Great Love Stories - Historic Erotica</p> <p> &nbsp;</p>