About the author

Rosa Suen

<p><strong>Rosa is the Pastor and Church Pianist for a local community church&nbsp;</strong>in Hong Kong for over 30&nbsp;years. She graduated from&nbsp;<em><strong>University of British Columbia</strong>&nbsp;</em>and received her teaching certificate specializing in Chemistry and teaching English as a second language. She &nbsp;went on to receive her Master&#39;s degree in&nbsp;<strong>Christian Theological Ministry at&nbsp;<em>Ontario Theological Seminary&nbsp;</em></strong>in Toronto. She started full time ministry with her husband in 1989 and received intensive&nbsp;<strong>Pastoral Counselling and Discipleship Training&nbsp;</strong>at Christian Disciples Church. They were ordained to become church ministers as Pastors in 1996 in a local church in Tsuen Wan and have been ministering to this same congregation for about 30 years now.</p><p>Over the years, she has gone on church missions to&nbsp;<strong>Mongolia, Sydney, Nepal, India&nbsp;</strong>and expedition trips to the&nbsp;<strong>Holy Lands: Israel, Greece and Turkey.</strong>&nbsp;Wherever she went, she found herself taking up the&nbsp;<strong>music ministry&nbsp;</strong>and became the church pianist for that church.</p><p>Many people at church have asked her to teach them to play piano. Her&nbsp;piano courses are very unique because she was finally willing to share her&nbsp;<strong>Unique Piano Method:</strong>&nbsp;<strong>C</strong>olor&nbsp;<strong>C</strong>hord<strong>I</strong>mprovisation Method known as&nbsp;<strong>CCI.&nbsp;</strong>The CCI method works for all types of music:&nbsp;<strong>Gospel, Pop and Standards.</strong></p><p><strong>This Piano Method is&nbsp;<em>easy,</em>&nbsp;<em>fun&nbsp;</em>and<em>&nbsp;creative&nbsp;</em></strong>that you learn to play piano not only from music score sheets, but to play chords from fake books and eventually to play by ear. Students all over the world have requested for courses to teach them play standards and popular songs. As a result she developed&nbsp;<strong>3 Great Reharmonization Method&nbsp;</strong>courses for them to play from fake books and play by ear. The&nbsp;<strong>Dreamy Piano Techniques</strong>&nbsp;courses, especially the one on&nbsp;<em>Autumn Leaves</em>&nbsp;is her students favorite. She has a piano website at&nbsp;<strong>Learn Piano With Rosa&nbsp;</strong>where she continues to offer new courses to her students.&nbsp;</p>