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Geraldine Evans

<p><strong><em>A Little Laughter. A Little Mayhem. A Little MURDER...</em></strong><br><br></p><p>British mystery author<strong> Geraldine Evans</strong> is a traditionally published author (Macmillan, St Martin's Press, Hale, Severn House) who turned indie in 2010.<br><br></p><p>Her mysteries include the <strong>18-strong <em>Rafferty &amp; Llewellyn series of British Mysteries,</em></strong><em>&nbsp;</em>whose protagonist, DI Joe Rafferty, comes from a family who think -- if he <em>must</em>&nbsp;be a copper -- he might at least have the decency to be a <em>bent</em>&nbsp;one.<br><br></p><p>Her second is the <strong>2-strong <em>Casey &amp; Catt British Mysteries, </em></strong>with protagonist DCI 'Will' Casey, whose drugged-up 'the Sixties never died', hippie parents, also pose the occasional little difficulty<br><br></p><p>She has also published <em><strong>The Egg Factory, </strong></em>a standalone mystery/thriller set in the infertility industry, <em><strong>Reluctant Queen,</strong></em> a biographical historical, about the little sister of Henry VIII,&nbsp;romance (under the pseudonym of Maria Meredith), and non-fiction (some under the pseudonym of Genniffer Dooley-Hart).<br><br></p><p>Geraldine is a Londoner, who moved to a Norfolk (UK) market town in 2000.<br><br></p><p>Her interests include photography, getting to grips with photo manipulation software, learning keyboards and painting portraits with a good likeness, but little else to recommend them.</p><p>Why not sign up to her (irregular) newsletter for news of new releases, bargain buys and free offers? You can unsubscribe at any time and your email address will be kept private.<br><br><strong>Here's the newsletter link:</strong> http://eepurl.com/buYGIP</p><p><strong>WEBSITE: </strong>https://geraldineevansbooks.com</p><p><br></p>